Friday, 30 January 2009

Pretty. Purple.

I do not normally like frills or ruffles or anything that could be described as girly.
I would love to see someone wearing this. With biker boots.

{Source: Luisa Beccaria}

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

And then there were four...

Fourth option; destination wedding. For those not versed in wedding-speak; a holiday with a wedding tagged on.

It's not perfect; the grandparents will not be able to attend but it will be cheaper for guests than flying to Halfwayroundtheworldcountry and will avoid the home country versus my parents' home country debate.

After much investigation a pretty little resort is found. Parents are consulted and like the beaches, friends approve of the party atmosphere. All is well. Until the small matter of civil unrest leads to the airport being temporarily shut down and parents are well and truly scared off.

Back to the drawing board.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy Australia day.

Yes that really is a heart-shaped firework. No, I have no idea how they did it!

{Source: Me}

Friday, 23 January 2009

Location, Location, Location

So the first dilemma when trying to plan a wedding is usually finding somewhere to have this over-blown party. A venue.
Slight problem. We live about as far away from our families as it is possible to be without going full circle. So first things first; pick a continent then perhaps we can narrow it down to a country. This was when the bubble truly went pop.

Too much choices with too many pros and cons do not make for a sane mind or a healthy relationship. So this was what it boiled down to:

Current home country

My parents' home country (currently snowy)

An English garden party

The first option would involve considerable expense for our guests but would be the easiest to plan. The second would involve us having to fly a few thousand miles but would be cheaper for our guests, however; it would possibly skew the guest list with more people from my family attending. The third would involve the same amount of travel for us but be the easiest for our guests however; my grandparents would not be able to travel that far.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

{Sources: Me, me and Nole's wedding via Style Me Pretty}

B follows A

For there to be a wedding there must first of all be a proposal. A question and an answer. But what if you have gone through life insisting that marriage is unnecessary and that weddings are nothing but a consumerist creation designed to drain you of your last piece of silver?

What if every time an aunt or grandparent asked "so when are you going to settle down then?" your eyes found an interesting spot on the rug and you muttered something about being "quite settled enough, thank you" and your boy looked away bemused?

You would, of course, insist that you were happy as you were, because you were. You felt no need to be swallowed in a-line satin to prove it.

Unless of course one day you simply changed your mind. The sight of a boy kneeling beside your duvet cocoon and asking you to have a party with family and friends and a few shiny things and suddenly seemed like the best idea in the world. Why had I not thought of it before?

Families would be amused and full of 'told-you-sos' but you would know that it didn't matter because you were both in your happy, shiny, newly-engaged bubble and nothing could bother you.

Shiny bubble meet wedding planning. Pop.


I'm not quite sure what to write or even where to start. I'm not even quite sure why I decided to start a blog. I am currently planning my wedding. Yes, I'm one of those people but I'm actually not and I think I wanted to be able to look back on this when all the madness is over and normal service has resumed and have a record of the process.