Friday, 23 January 2009

B follows A

For there to be a wedding there must first of all be a proposal. A question and an answer. But what if you have gone through life insisting that marriage is unnecessary and that weddings are nothing but a consumerist creation designed to drain you of your last piece of silver?

What if every time an aunt or grandparent asked "so when are you going to settle down then?" your eyes found an interesting spot on the rug and you muttered something about being "quite settled enough, thank you" and your boy looked away bemused?

You would, of course, insist that you were happy as you were, because you were. You felt no need to be swallowed in a-line satin to prove it.

Unless of course one day you simply changed your mind. The sight of a boy kneeling beside your duvet cocoon and asking you to have a party with family and friends and a few shiny things and suddenly seemed like the best idea in the world. Why had I not thought of it before?

Families would be amused and full of 'told-you-sos' but you would know that it didn't matter because you were both in your happy, shiny, newly-engaged bubble and nothing could bother you.

Shiny bubble meet wedding planning. Pop.

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