Monday, 30 March 2009

Is it weird...

to buy something for children that you're not even planning on having for a very, very long time?

It's an Official Toothfairy Kit. It's letterpressed. It has a silk-screened pocket for milk teeth. How cute??

I blame Peonies for posting about this shop full of amazingness.

So tooth fairies aside; is it weird to buy baby things if you're not pregnant or not even planning on getting pregnant any time soon?

Is it what you buy that defines the acceptableness? So is a bib OK but a tank-sized pram not? Or is it dependant on awesomeness (sorry, I've just been watching How I met Your Mother).


  1. apparently desert fete has already started collecting thrifted baby clothes. actually it's kind of a cute idea, but I for sure would have nowhere to store that.

  2. omg. so awesome. i was thinking about buying beautiful alphabet flash cards for children in french. and hiding them away for about 10 years. maybe i can? wonderful.

  3. Alphabet flash cards? In French? Tell me where I can find them!