Saturday, 4 April 2009

Crappy crap.

So this week;
  • I decided I hated my wedding invitations.
  • The boy was away for work all week, weekend and will be next week too.
  • I worked late every night.
  • The washing machine broke.
  • I got yelled at by an idiot at work who thinks he's my boss, but isn't.
  • My mother left my father.
Is it that life tends to suck in large doses or that all the little things seem worse when the rubbish stuff happens?


  1. Oh God, it does sound like a crappy crap week. I'm sorry. Here's hoping for a better one ahead.

    And yes, I think that the universe does decide to send a whole heap of crap one's way in the largest of doses.

    Apparently it's character building. Or something like that.

  2. Thanks Peonies. I hope you're ok too.

    Thanks to everyone else that sent me a message/email. They meant a lot.