Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Time does not need another clock...

As the wedding approaches with what seems to be alarming speed, I seem to be losing the grip on my perception of time.

The days are faster, the weeks go by in a blur. On Fridays I make ambitious plans and lists of what I will achieve that weekend and I seem to wake up a moment later on Monday morning to start the week again.

It's a confusing mixture of Groundhog Day and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland rushing around saying "no time, no time".

I've also noticed that the dreams seem to be getting worse and more frequent. Recent highlights have included; being chased by my mother-in-law to be with her wielding a shotgun as the seating plan was not to her liking, and waking up five minutes before the ceremony and realising I hasn't bought any underwear suitable to wear with my dress. Then discovering that all the underwear in the world had disappeared so I had to walk down the aisle knowing that everyone could see me. The dress was by then somehow see-through too.

It doesn't require a student debt to rival the GDP of Africa to analyse these and I can already see the funny side of it sometimes. I realise that these are just variations on the classic turning-up-to-school naked stress-fests but is this really necessary wedding gods? Really?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Neverending Invitations - Part (iii)

Whilst I never thought I'd be insane enough to dedicate a whole post to ribbon, now that I know I'm not the only person who lost sleep wondering whether they had ordered the correct width; I thought this might be useful for someone.

I ordered six rolls of 7mm silk ribbon from Cam Creations who were very easy to deal with and even taking into account postage to the other side of the world, it was much cheaper and probably quicker than ordering it locally.

From left to right they are; navy, lavender, purple, cornflower, mauve, and dusky rose.

They were actually really difficult to photograph accurately as they have a slight sheen that seems to throw of the colours. The purple is actually a very intense violet like you might find in an orchid and the navy is more of a peacock shade than a nautical navy.

The ribbon itself has the softest silkiest texture which makes it great fun to play with but not so great fun to try and tie around 150 invitations and unfortunately neither I nor the boy have mad ribbon skills so after a few I gave up and bought some stiffer grosgrain ribbon which was much easier to tie around the invitation;

so as I've still got plenty of ribbon left that will probably be used to tie napkins or in the Order of Service depending on how much patience I have left!

Neverending Invitations - Part (ii)

Although I would be happy to try some sort of experimental treatment to erase the memory (Total Recall style) of The Invitation Saga from my brain, that hasn't unfortunately happened so as I promised; here is a picture of The Most Hated Invitations Ever.

If you squint really hard and tilt your head slightly so as to off-set the wonkiness they don't look too bad.

The details: There are two cards per set; one in English and one in French, The RSVP information is on the reverse and they're tied together with a variety of ribbons. I had originally ordered six different coloured rolls of silk ribbon from Cam Creations. If you have a look on their site you'll see why I wasn't very good at narrowing it down to two or three options...

Unfortunately I now have about one hundred REALLY rubbish ones that I can't quite bring myself to throw out. I'm considering lopping off the tops to use as as tags or place cards. Any better ideas for what I could do with them?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

It never rains...

{Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare - Cartier-Bresson}

Because life isn't busy or stressful enough, our landlord decided he didn't like us any more and sent us an eviction notice! Luckily we found a lovely new home just a few days later and will be moving in two weeks. Whilst it's not ideal timing; spending a weekend moving and then a week or two getting settled in whilst still juggling work and planning the wedding, really isn't the best but I think we'll be really happy in this new place and I'm excited about a new space and some hopefully nicer agents!

Rainy days give you puddles to jump over and splash in.