Sunday, 3 May 2009

Neverending Invitations - Part (iii)

Whilst I never thought I'd be insane enough to dedicate a whole post to ribbon, now that I know I'm not the only person who lost sleep wondering whether they had ordered the correct width; I thought this might be useful for someone.

I ordered six rolls of 7mm silk ribbon from Cam Creations who were very easy to deal with and even taking into account postage to the other side of the world, it was much cheaper and probably quicker than ordering it locally.

From left to right they are; navy, lavender, purple, cornflower, mauve, and dusky rose.

They were actually really difficult to photograph accurately as they have a slight sheen that seems to throw of the colours. The purple is actually a very intense violet like you might find in an orchid and the navy is more of a peacock shade than a nautical navy.

The ribbon itself has the softest silkiest texture which makes it great fun to play with but not so great fun to try and tie around 150 invitations and unfortunately neither I nor the boy have mad ribbon skills so after a few I gave up and bought some stiffer grosgrain ribbon which was much easier to tie around the invitation;

so as I've still got plenty of ribbon left that will probably be used to tie napkins or in the Order of Service depending on how much patience I have left!


  1. We used cornflower, mauve and dusky rose too, they're gorgeous!

    Not the easiest to use though, grosgain is much easier!

  2. Ha ha! I thought the dusky rose might have been the same; it looked familiar.

    They were my favourites which is quite obvious looking at the spools now as the other colours have about twice as much left!

  3. I love those ribbons, that is where ours came from too!

  4. I have done my best this afternoon to remedy my oversight for the award you gave me. Thank you very much. LPC.