Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Time does not need another clock...

As the wedding approaches with what seems to be alarming speed, I seem to be losing the grip on my perception of time.

The days are faster, the weeks go by in a blur. On Fridays I make ambitious plans and lists of what I will achieve that weekend and I seem to wake up a moment later on Monday morning to start the week again.

It's a confusing mixture of Groundhog Day and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland rushing around saying "no time, no time".

I've also noticed that the dreams seem to be getting worse and more frequent. Recent highlights have included; being chased by my mother-in-law to be with her wielding a shotgun as the seating plan was not to her liking, and waking up five minutes before the ceremony and realising I hasn't bought any underwear suitable to wear with my dress. Then discovering that all the underwear in the world had disappeared so I had to walk down the aisle knowing that everyone could see me. The dress was by then somehow see-through too.

It doesn't require a student debt to rival the GDP of Africa to analyse these and I can already see the funny side of it sometimes. I realise that these are just variations on the classic turning-up-to-school naked stress-fests but is this really necessary wedding gods? Really?

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