Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Grand Designs

Image: Crossway passive house by Hawkes Architecture 

Having somewhat obsessively watched Grand Designs from the very start I've always wanted to go to the Grand Designs Live exhibition in London, but being in the wrong country does of course pose logistical problems.

Well although I still won't be going this year I did find these free (yes FREE) tickets so hopefully someone else can take them and gorge on beautiful, practical homes. And if you do happen to meet Mr McCloud, no need to share my not-so-secret obsession.

And if anyone is wondering, no; the Australian version is nowhere near as good. Not only have they not got Kevin but the builds just aren't as interesting. I still watch it though, it may get better!

P.s. Yes I am (almost) completely ignoring the fact that I disappeared for a year. As you were. xx

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