Sunday, 17 April 2011

My next tweet

So Kirsty just MADE me waste half an hour on this tool that 'predicts' what your next tweet will be;

Some err, highlights;

 Well my nose isn't great but surely that's a bit harsh?

 Yes. I am. Well about the same level of excited about last year actually.

I am a magnificent woman (hey, it's official). Why does anyone still bother going mad? Complete waste of time.
People pay therapists for this shit.

Sequin pants make it easier to get a job. Who knew?

It also seems to think I think about skateboarding a lot. I do not.

 Well not if they're bots. I don't mind people.

 I don't like shops. I do like nice online shops that deliver internationally, preferably with cheap or free delivery. Not sure how gay mums got in there though.

 Well I do try. Bad image crediting is bad karma. Go here for instructions.

 Ditch the marketing, train sales staff better?

 Well gelatine is disgusting so if anyone ever finds jelly sweets without it do let me know.

Strangely addictive. Um, I take no responsibility if you waste your entire weekend on here.

1 comment:

  1. I feel honoured to have inspired your comeback post! And yes, that thing is a total time-warp - I was sucked into it for hours. Hilarious!

    (P.S. you're going to keep blogging now, aren't you? I need someone to share my Lillian and Leonard obsession...)