Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Dress

Although I haven't finished chronicling the venue debacle I've decided to skip ahead to the Great Wedding Dress Search.

Shopping for a wedding dress is not like shopping for any other clothes; there are many more rules and the sums involved can be eye-watering.

The rules -

1. You must start looking for a wedding dress on your 6th birthday.
2. You must order said dress before your 7th birthday in order for it to arrive two days before your wedding.
3. Dignity, what dignity? It is perfectly acceptable for wedding dress saledroids to strip you virtually naked, shove you into a freezing cold changing room and grab at various bits of fabric or oops-clumsy-me, flesh, in order to get the chiffon concoction on you.
3. Dignity 2.0 - once in the chiffon nightmare it is perfectly acceptable for saledroid to shove you onto a PLATFORM in the centre of the shop, squash fake flowers into your sweating palms and jab the sparkliest veil ever stolen from a Disney character's wardrobe into your poor head.

So, wedding dress crapola aside I HAVE to pick a dress. And I cannot decide. I am literally losing sleep over the Great Dress Debate.

Edit: Removed dress photos (shush!)

1 comment:

  1. You're a Pronovias girl too!

    They're both gorgeous, I think I prefer the first one though, it's a little more unusual and so elegant. And sparkly!