Thursday, 28 April 2011


I'm pinning away on Pinterest. Because the stripes and sequins have to be saved somewhere.

It is very addictive and I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time naming and renaming my boards. Then changing my mind again and re-categorising completely. In fact, I may just do away with boards entirely and just collect everything onto one.

It is still in beta so if you want to try it and haven't yet you can submit your email address and wait for an invitation or let me know and I'll sent you one of the five I have.

If you've found your way here via A Safe Mooring, welcome. I blog occasionally but mostly tweet and pin.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Grand Designs

Image: Crossway passive house by Hawkes Architecture 

Having somewhat obsessively watched Grand Designs from the very start I've always wanted to go to the Grand Designs Live exhibition in London, but being in the wrong country does of course pose logistical problems.

Well although I still won't be going this year I did find these free (yes FREE) tickets so hopefully someone else can take them and gorge on beautiful, practical homes. And if you do happen to meet Mr McCloud, no need to share my not-so-secret obsession.

And if anyone is wondering, no; the Australian version is nowhere near as good. Not only have they not got Kevin but the builds just aren't as interesting. I still watch it though, it may get better!

P.s. Yes I am (almost) completely ignoring the fact that I disappeared for a year. As you were. xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My next tweet

So Kirsty just MADE me waste half an hour on this tool that 'predicts' what your next tweet will be;

Some err, highlights;

 Well my nose isn't great but surely that's a bit harsh?

 Yes. I am. Well about the same level of excited about last year actually.

I am a magnificent woman (hey, it's official). Why does anyone still bother going mad? Complete waste of time.
People pay therapists for this shit.

Sequin pants make it easier to get a job. Who knew?

It also seems to think I think about skateboarding a lot. I do not.

 Well not if they're bots. I don't mind people.

 I don't like shops. I do like nice online shops that deliver internationally, preferably with cheap or free delivery. Not sure how gay mums got in there though.

 Well I do try. Bad image crediting is bad karma. Go here for instructions.

 Ditch the marketing, train sales staff better?

 Well gelatine is disgusting so if anyone ever finds jelly sweets without it do let me know.

Strangely addictive. Um, I take no responsibility if you waste your entire weekend on here.