Monday, 6 April 2009

Farewell English wedding....

I thought I should probably go back to the beginning and carry on telling the story; if you recall, we had decided on a 'holiday' wedding (for which I now know the proper WIC-approved-name; a 'destination' wedding) when that idea unfortunately got squished by the parents and in-laws-to-be alike.

When I first saw this wedding in a magazine (one-fifth of the original, and only, batch I bought) it was almost exactly what I had in mind. From the lawn games to the mismatched granny crockery it was imperfectly perfect.

Cupcakes, perfect roses, croquet (love, love, love croquet), and the perfect soft tulle.

Some more scanned details:

{Source: Wedding Magazine}

Unfortunately the practicalities of an English summer wedding were rapidly naysayed by my sun-loving in-laws-to-be; having their lawn flooded the previous July put them off the idea of lanterns hanging from the trees and children playing croquet whilst we got down to the important business of the vows.

But know I've realised that Ms Peacock is having the English garden tea party wedding of my dreams so I can happily live out that wedding fantasy through her!


  1. I agree. Croquet is great. We used to play at my mother's beach house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Now we play at her house in Santa Barbara, California. As long as you have a lawn anywhere you can play. Maybe you can have croquet somewhere sunny?

  2. It's such a great game isn't it? I just love that everyone ends up playing, kids and grandparents alike!

    I'm hoping it will still feature in the wedding...